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firefly's musings

saving beloved characters from their creators since 2007

Me? I'm a whole bunch of things, some of which seem contradictory. I mean, look at my interests list! Lately I seem to be on Tumblr and AO3 more than LJ, though I do try to stop in at least every week or two.

I not only link to but also post adult content in this journal. If you are not at least 18 years old, or whatever the age of legal adulthood is where you are, do not read this journal. As for myself, I'm way over 18.

I'm back in college yet again, this time for nursing finishing up a masters degree done with (this round of) grad school, and both teaching and working as a hospice nurse. Of course, just as with nursing school, this is the perfect time to get obsessive about creative writing, not back when I was finishing up that BA in English and wondering what I was going to do with it mumblemumble years ago. The answer to that question is fanfiction, apparently. It all started with the Vorkosigan fandom when I found myself inspired by sahiya & lightgetsin's slashfic novels A Deeper Season (and once you've read that, go catch the sequels What Passing Bells, Seeds, and Other Ways) and quietann's stories, some of which are based on the ADS-verse, others of which are simply Vorkosiverse-based. So I wrote a couple of Vorkosifics. Then a coworker made a comment, I said I'd never be insane enough to have anything to do with the behemoth that is the Harry Potter Fandom ... and shortly thereafter The Fic That Ate My Life was conceived. It is, naturally, set at Hogwarts. And then there was Buffyverse. And Doctor Who/Torchwood. These days it's mostly Supernatural. Damnit. ;-)

Are you sure you want to read this nonsense? On your head be it, then. Just remember, I've made no promises that you will find this LJ interesting or even coherent, k?

Besides what I've linked here, you can find my stories at the following archives: AO3, Chaos, Ashwinder, OWL, Twisting the Hellmouth, and AdultFanfiction.Net. (Yes, that last has three links. They break things down by category rather than having one overall listing of an author's stories.)

If you are for some reason interested in creating secondary fanworks based on something of mine, first of all: thank you! That is hugely flattering! Second of all: absolutely. I'm a big believer in the whole "tranformative works" thing, so go right ahead, whether it's podfic, translation, remix, art, sequel, prequel, whatever. Credit to whatever inspired you is appreciated, and please shoot me a link to what you've done so I can enjoy your work in turn.

The qow mood theme is by willow_kat, who also made several of my icons. That's one of the things I'll miss most if I ever let my paid time expire here on LJ.

Various Nominations/Awards/Shinies:

Older awards, nomination banners, and the like can be found here:

Thank you, ubiquirk for the lovely awards banner!

I hear that Perfect Imagination is going to be offering new certificates to reflect their new multi-fandomness, but until then, here is my older one. I should note that commas remain my weakest link. :-)

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