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Doctor Who Watch List

Thanks to all who replied to my last post, both on DW and LJ, I have a list-in-progress of must-see episodes that fall after The Armageddon Factor. Plus I've added a couple based on things I've seen/heard or because they're the first/last story for a Doctor, because it only makes sense to me to see their first and last stories if nothing else. Plus I threw in The Two Doctors just in the interest of seeing all the multi-Doctor episodes. Here's where it stands now:

Fourth Doctor
  • Destiny of the Daleks

  • City of Death

  • Warrior's Gate (n/a through Netflix)

  • The Keeper of Traken

  • Logopolis

Fifth Doctor
  • Castrovalva

  • Black Orchid

  • Time-Flight (unavailable)

  • Mawdryn Undead

  • Terminus

  • Enlightenment

  • The Five Doctors

  • Warriors of the Deep

  • The Caves of Androzani

Sixth Doctor
  • The Twin Dilemma

  • Attack of the Cybermen

  • The Mark of the Rani

  • The Two Doctors

  • The Trial of a Time Lord (which is apparently 14 episodes!)

Seventh Doctor
  • Time and the Rani

  • Dragonfire

  • Remembrance of the Daleks

  • The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

  • Battlefield

  • Ghost Light

  • The Curse of Fenric

  • Survival

Eighth Doctor
  • The Movie which seems to be universally regarded as craptastic, but doesn't really seem skippable

  • books/audio of some kind

Um, yeah, considering most of those are at least 4 episodes and one story is an entire 14-ep season, that's quite enough of a list to try and get through by November! :-D

Thanks, all, for the suggestions!
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Classic Who Question

So, over the course of the past couple of years, I've been attempting to watch Classic Who through from the start, minus the obviously unwatchable eps that were lost to fire or otherwise destroyed. My progress has been somewhat underwhelming, as I've only just finished the Fourth Doctor's Key to Time story-series. November's approaching fast, with various anniversary-related things such as the classic multi-doctor audio book and whatever they'll do with the anniversary ep, and I'm finding that I'm less interested in seeing every little thing in order and more interested in getting a feel for all the Doctors.

So, here's my question for those of you who know your classics. What are the key stories that you would recommend in order to accomplish that? What else must I absolutely see before moving on from Four, and what do I absolutely need to see of Five, Six, and Seven? Eight is a bit easier, obviously.
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Drive-by check-in and fangirling from blizzard country

Spent about two hours or so shoveling my way into my driveway last night/this morning after spending two days at work. There was no point to trying to drive home in the storm Friday night, and it was just as well to have an extra nurse in the house Saturday morning, as one fellow was six hours late due to his vehicle embedding itself in a snowbank. (He's fine. Jury's out on his vehicle.) Being "essential personnel" may give you permission to be on the roads during a state of emergency, but it doesn't guarantee that it'll work out well. Which brings me to this gem of a convo I had early Friday:

Friend: Well, being a nurse, you have that privilege to be on the road once the ban goes into effect.
Me: *blank stare* I'm pretty sure in this instance "privilege" refers to being able to stay home drinking hot chocolate instead of being required to go to work in absurdly dangerous road conditions.
Friend: Oh. Yeah.


Home safe and sound now though. I hope the rest of you who've been buried by Charlotte/Nemo/wtf-ever-we're-calling-it are similarly safe, sound, warm, and with power. Our building never lost it, surprisingly enough. (Our town's great about getting power back quickly, but the never losing is a surprise considering how heavy this stuff is.)

So now I'm catching up on not-schoolwork, which brings me to the fangirling.

This may not be precisely news, but I'm flailing and IDEK-ing about an Arrow casting spoiler I ran across on Facebook of all places. *rechecks* It does appear to be less than 24 hours old, so that's still news, right?

Now, obviously, the main reason I ever tuned in to Arrow is that John Barroman is in it. I'm demonstrably ridiculous in my fangirling, considering I will pretty much watch anything he does ever, as evidenced by not only owning but having watched every episode of Animals at Work. That said, I am enjoying Arrow for its own sake, which is a huge improvement over the Desperate Housewives thing a couple of years ago. I might even keep watching if his character leaves/gets killed off/whatever.

I'm almost, though not quite, equally ridiculous about the person the casting spoiler is about. So I must squee, but for anyone who doesn't want to know, I'll cut for the Collapse )

I feel like I'm doing a poor job expressing the squee. That's probably on account of the flailing, complicated by exhaustion and wrists that are demanding to know wtf I was thinking to shovel all that white stuff. Still, yay!
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Free ebook alert!

If you use a Kindle, including computer or phone app, and are a Whovian, there is a free ebook on called Dining with the Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook. A friend just clued me in to it, and I'm just poking around in it on my laptop, and the first recipe at least looks like fun! There's a recipe for each episode from Rose through The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe plus a plethora of variations on fish fingers and custard.
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Fandom Stocking Reveals Are Up!

Today has been a rough one fibro-wise, so it was the perfect day to receive stocking stuffers that made me smile, and I've received quite the range of very cool gifts, including various cute graphics and well-wishes as well as the following fics:

AtS tinyficlet by [ profile] yhlee (Angel: the Series, Fred/Gunn, G)

A Vorkosigan ficlet by sheffsfic (Vorkosigan, Miles/Ekaterin, G)

Lair by [ profile] merryghoul (Leverage, Parker/Sophie, G)

Something Different by [ profile] tarlanx (Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, M)

I Bring Thee Glad Tidings by [personal profile] yamx (Doctor Who, Nine/Jack/(Rose), G)

Blindsided by [ profile] sahiya (Doctor Who, Eleven/River/Jack, E/NC17)


Christmas in July by tiny_white_hats (Angel: the Series, Fred/Gunn, PG)

I am hugely grateful for all of these and hope some of you will go and enjoy them as well!

I didn't write as much as I'd hoped, didn't even manage to stray out of Doctor Who (unless you count the crossover), but I had fun writing what I did. There are two or three that I got started that ran away from me, which I hope to finish and post before school resumes at the end of the month. The ones I did complete are

Crazy for [ profile] joking (Crossover, Eleven and Sherlock, G)

The Wedding Planner for [ profile] sahiya (Doctor Who, Vastra/Jenny (in absentia) and Eleven/River, G)

War Games for [personal profile] yamx (Doctor Who, Nine/Rose/Jack, M)


Peace and Quiet for [ profile] fuzzyboo (Doctor Who, Nine, Rose, and Jack, G)

It's been another fun year, for sure. I've said it there already, but huge kudos to the mods for pulling this off. There were something like 360 stockings to manage this year, which I can't even fathom the logistics of.
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First of the year clean-up

I come on LJ so infrequently, and when I do, I wade through a lot to try and catch up. A lot of that is communities I no longer really participate in, so I just did a thinning of those communities as well as some deleted journals, one-way follows that no longer make sense, and the like.

If you just got a "removed from flist" notice from LJ and think I didn't mean to remove you because you don't fit any of the above categories, you're probably right, so please let me know! I'll blame either my own clumsiness or LJ weirdness (and it was acting weird at several points) and put you back.
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DW Special Speculation and Babbling

Thank you, Moff, for adding to the list of otherwise-ordinary things your viewers are now traumatized by. You do it well.

Thanks also for what is sure to be another intriguing mystery arc. Now lemme stick the rest Collapse )

Meanwhile, I should be getting ready for the first Date Night in far too many months, so enough of that for now. Just had to babble a bit. Anybody have any other fun theories?
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So, I'm insane but actively trying not to make my mental health worse than it already is

Nothing new, right? The insanity bit anyway. In this instance, it's that I've signed up to participate in the who_at_50 Fanwork-a-thon-a-thon. The idea is that there'll be a different theme/Doctor featured each month counting down to the 50th anniversary. Some, I'll be no use for, but January is Eleven, and him I think I can handle. Ish.

Who's with me?

(In other news, I'm nowhere near Newtown and am guiltily relieved not to know anyone involved. I did, however, get hit with almost 8 solid hours of news coverage at work yesterday, because some of my residents were very insistent about keeping it on. I've shorted out. What little I can do for those helping the families has been done, and that's where it needs to stop for me. I figured I ought to say something here though, lest this random chipper post from the wilds of Connecticut seem outrageously callous, which it may well do anyway.)