firefly_124 (firefly124) wrote,

[FIC] Somehow, Somewhere, Someway (Supernatural, Charlie Bradbury/Jo Harvelle, rated Teen)


Title: Somehow, Somewhere, Someway
Author: firefly124
Pairing(s): Charlie/Jo, past Jo/Dean, mentions of Dean/Cas
Rating: Teen
Wordcount: 11770
Summary: Jo’s about had it with their crappy dorm and so has Charlie. When Gabriel Novak’s Fortune 500 company offers off-campus housing and a free ride for one year to any team of two people who can successfully complete a set of challenges, she’s all for it. There’s just a couple of problems. The challenges are weird, and the stress of trying to complete them in the middle of finals is triggering some really horrifying dreams, not just for her but Charlie too. Horrifying dreams that seem entirely too real, but couldn’t possibly be. Could they?
Warnings/Kinks: canon-compliant through 10x23 including canon character deaths, fix-it fic
Link to art masterpost:
Fic on AO3:
A/N: Please go see isis_mcgee's awesome art post and give her some love. THank you, isis_mcgee for making such awesome art for this fic! Huge thanks, also, to laiksmarei for beta-reading despite being in the midst of Major Life Stuff (and sick). You rock, woman.

Title courtesy of Kenny Wayne Shepherd's song by the same name.
Tags: fandom: supernatural, fest: spnfemminibang, ship: charlie bradbury/jo harvelle
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