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Classic Who Watch

Launching into the Trial of a Time Lord. Patsfan actually thinks Six is his favorite Doctor, and I have to admit, I like him better than I had expected to. Peri is even less annoying so far in this than she has been.

Bizarre setup they have for this season. It's like the trial is a frame with the actual stories being told in flashback. Also, the main reason for watching this bit, the Valeyard, does not yet make any sense, as he seems only to be the prosecutor. Having seen a still from the 50th Anniversary trailer, though, it seems that (if fandom as a whole was right about John Hurt!Doctor) watching this to get a handle on wtf he represents would be wise.

Definitely no chance of watching the rest of the planned episodes in time for the 50th, but hopefully this particular season will be worth the time.</babble>

Not that I should really be spending time watching tv. Or reading deancasbigbang. But history suggests that as academic pressure goes up, so does the goofing off, and to date that actually seems to work in some bizarre way. Given that the pressure in question is radically different, though, hands-on research versus papers and tests, I don't dare take that too much for granted.
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