April 9th, 2017

charlie dancing

An end of an era

So, apparently the new TOS, which like most TOS caused my eyes to cross attempting to read it, prohibits LGBTQ content. (The TOS I had to "agree" to in order to post this. I decided that agreement fell under the heading of being an act of protest, largely like this post.)

Considering I'm queer and so is lots of my fic, I imagine this journal will eventually be deleted.

I doubt anyone is likely to notice, considering I'm never here anymore. I'm barely on Dreamwidth or Tumblr these days, though I do track various fandom communities and challenges on them. (Looks like the Dean/Cas Big Bang jumped ship to Tumblr just in time, come to think of it. They definitely have sufficient readership to get noticed!) At any rate, I've been totally ignoring the annual charge to my credit card to keep all the shiny icons and mood theme. It shows up. I wince and wonder why I didn't cancel it, and I forget all about it.

Well, I'm not going to delete this LJ for 6A, but I sure as shit am going to stop paying for this nonsense. I think it usually renews in July, which it no longer will.

ETA: Oops. Guess I already did that. I'm now tempted to start uploading daily queer content of some kind instead. I've got enough in my back catalogue ...